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Finance@CEU: AmCham Simulation

Tuesday, April 12, 2022, 5:40 pm – 6:40 pm


  • András Hanák, Attorney-at-law
  • Ágnes Zoller, Public and Government Affairs Manager, ExxonMobil
  • László Czirják, Partner, iEurope
  • Dávid Kőhegyi, Partner, Head of Compliance and Investigations, DLA Piper
  • Judit Budai, Senior Partner, Szecskay Attorneys-at-law
  • Róbert Keszte, General Manager, Continental Automotive
  • Szilvia Tófalusi, Chief Financial Officer, Amgen

The Board Simulation program is a scripted role-playing simulation of a fictious board meeting, that is still rooted in very real-world experiences. The meeting as enacted by AmCham member volunteers, concentrates on real business debates and critical strategic decisions.

The audience can follow live how these decisions are influenced by various facts, personalities, and circumstances, and how potential consequences are considered. Corporate governance best practices are discussed. Students experience firsthand how a typical board meeting transpires. The topics discussed at the meeting are designed in a multi-layered and practical manner, and the Discussion is playacted with deliberate intensity when sensitive issues and difficult decisions are discussed.