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Roma Day in time of war: solidarity event in support of Ukrainian Roma

Panel Discussion
Friday, April 15, 2022, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Roma Day in time of war

Solidarity event in support of Ukrainian Roma


15th April, Friday, 14.00-16.00

QS D002


On the occasion of the Roma National day, you are cordially invited to the screening of the short film “My Childhood, or How I Fled Kosovo” followed by discussion.

The documentary film “My Childhood, or How I Fled Kosovo” is about two survivors of the Kosovo War, who fled their homes together with their families as the war broke out. The film characters share stories about their struggles, obstacles, and insecurities they had to go through and where they stand now.

How have been Romani people affected by wars, in particular in Kosovo and Ukraine? What are their own experiences? What forms of hostility and solidarity have they faced? What kind of special challenges do Romani women face? What kind of support can we provide?

Invited participants:

  • Sevdjulje Ramadani (CEU MA student, co-director of the short film)
  • Ana Gudadze (CEU MA student, co-director of the short film)
  • Serdjan Baftijari (CEU MA student, protagonist of the short film)
  • Oleksandra Koriak (Human Rights Monitoring Coordinator the European Roma Rights Centre, alumna of Roma Graduate Preparation Program from Ukraine)
  • Anzhelika Bielova (Voice of Romni – Association of Roma Women in Ukraine)


  • Miljana Cabrilovski (MA student, Human Rights)
  • Maria Atanasova (MA student, Political Science)

Please consider donating for the Human Rights Fund for Ukrainian Roma

The event is going to be livestreamed at the Facebook page of the CEU Romani Studies Program