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Invitation To A Joint Conference

Thursday, May 19, 2022, 11:30 am – 6:15 pm

Watch the video with interviews and excerpts of the conference here.


The Zoom link will be sent out after registration.

Route Map

Background: The second edition of this successfully incepted collaborative conference series focuses on the theme of data and politics -- asking questions such as the following: What is the state-of-the-art research providing evidence for policymaking in Austria? How might the process of accumulating the facts necessary for evidence-based decision-making be affected when policymakers are responding to political incentives?  Might evidence itself become an issue of political debate?  What does "post-truth" political rhetoric imply for the future of evidence-based policymaking?

The conference aims to foster exchange on conceptual, policy-related, and methodological issues among researchers and policymakers. The conference also provides space for discussions on imminent yet enduring questions regarding the relationship between evidence and policymaking and providers of evidence (aka experts) and policymakers. 

Target audience are researchers and academics in the field of policy research in Vienna and policymakers. The conference primarily serves as a “meet and greet” for researchers from IHS, WIFO and CEU, and welcomes researchers from other institutes and universities, policymakers, as well as the wider public, to showcase exciting new research in the field of applied evidence-based policymaking.


11:30 am Arrival, Coffee   

12:00 pm Welcome and Opening 

Gabriel Felbermayr, WIFO

Klaus Neusser, IHS

Carsten Schneider, CEU


12:30 pm Opening Keynote  

Katharina Wrohlich, DIW Berlin 

1:15 pm-2:30 pm    Part 1: Data and Policy 

Moderator: Michael Dorsch, CEU   

1:15 pm-1:40pm  

On the macroeconomic assessment of fiscal policies during the Covid-19 crisis in Austria, Klaus Weyerstrass, IHS


1:40 pm-2:05pm     

Nontradable Goods and Fiscal Multipliers, Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Christian Glocker, WIFO  


2:05 pm-2:30pm  

The impact of import competition from China on firm-level productivity growth in the EU, Klaus S. Friesenbichler, Agnes Kügler, Andreas Reinstaller, WIFO  


 2:30 pm-3:00 pm Coffee Break  

3:00 pm-4:15 pm    Part 2: Information and the Public Good 

Moderator: Ulrike Famira-Mühlberger, WIFO  

3:00pm-3:25 pm 

Dressing-up disinformation, Akos Szegofi, Christophe Heintz, CEU  


 3:25 pm-3:50pm     

Corruption, Intimidation, and Whistleblowing: An Empirical Approach, Arieda Muço, CEU 


 3:50 pm-4:15pm 

Financial or environmental-impact framing promotes ESG investments: Evidence from a large incentivized online-experiment, Marcel Seifert, Katharina Gangl, Florian Spitzer, Simone Haeckl, Alexia Gaudeul, Erich Kirchler & Stefan Palan, IHS  


4:15 pm-4:30 pm Coffee Break  

4:30 pm Afternoon Keynote 

Moderator: Anand Murugesan, CEU 

 Jean-Robert Tyran, University of Vienna

 5:15 m-6:15 pm Round Table and Panel Discussion 

Moderator: Thomas König, IHS   

 Representatives of governance and research   

  • Jean-Robert Tyran (Prof. of Economics, Pro-Rector, University of Vienna, Director of Vienna Center of Experimental Economics)  

  • Eva Zeglovits (Director, IFES) 

  • Ashwien Sankholkar (Journalist, Dossier) 

  • Stefan Thurner (Director, Complexity Science Hub Vienna)  

6:15 pm-9:00 pm Wine and Dine   


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Scientific Peer Group:

Dr. Thomas König, IHS

PD Dr. Ulrike Famira-Mühlberger, PhD, WIFO

Prof. Michael Dorsch, CEU

Prof. Anand Murugesan, CEU


Organisation: CEU Austrian Affairs

Dr. Ulrike Plettenbacher

Mag. Ute Springer

Mag. Michaela Topolnik (media and press)