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Expert Insights Vol 8.: “Let's Have Better Conversations: Become Aware of Your Communication”

Expert Insights
Thursday, June 9, 2022, 5:00 pm

Expert Insights Vol 8.: “Let's Have Better Conversations: Become Aware of Your Communication”

A survey conducted byThe Economist among executives, managers, and junior staff revealed that 44% reported that miscommunication caused a delay or failure to complete projects, while 18% that miscommunication led to the loss of a sale. 

Strong communication skills are essential to personal and business success. Great leaders know that their ability to communicate effectively establishes a foundation of trust that enhances everything, from brief interactions with employees to shareholder presentations.  

Communication is a huge umbrella that covers and influences everything that happens to and between humans. How we manage survival, how we connect to ourselves, how we bond with others, how we develop intimacy, how productive we are, how motivated we are and how we motivate others - it all depends largely on our communication skills. 

It is such an important life skill, but almost none of us has been taught how to communicate effectively. From our earliest days in school we learn pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, spelling... Not that they don't matter, they do! But, no one has taught us some of the basics of human communication and interaction. 

In this webinar we will:  
🔹 Talk about the basics of communication  
🔹 See what happens inside our neurology when we communicate and how we create our subjective reality 
🔹 Feel the difference between sensory acuity and mind reading 

About the presenter:  
Viktoria Jordanovska is Performance Coach, Founder & Master trainer at the Vienna International Academy of NLP and an Optimist. She has 20 years of professional experience as an entrepreneur, leader, communication specialist, coach and consultant for international organisations in more than 30 countries worldwide. Conscious and intentional communication, meaningful relationships and resilience are in the heart of everything she does. Her systemic approach supports the growth of the individual and the overall organisational vitality of all kinds of systems, whether private, public or global corporate systems.