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Public defense of Anastasia Kvasha's PhD Dissertation: Challenges and Prospects in the Application of Space-based Information and Technologies for Disaster Management

Anastasia Kvasha
Thursday, September 15, 2022, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

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This dissertation explores existing challenges in the application of geospatial technologies for disaster risk reduction (DRR) and management. The research aims to contribute to strengthening the disaster resilience of countries by analyzing the current state of the use of space-based information and technologies. The conceptual framework is based on the disaster management theory and diffusion research traditions. Some of the most prominent mechanisms supporting the wider diffusion and application of such technologies, particularly satellite-based emergency mapping mechanisms, are identified and discussed. While studied initiatives formally aim to get involved in different phases of the disaster management cycle, it is clear that the overall focus remains on disaster response, and pre-disaster activities are yet to be fully supported. The research explores existing challenges that prevent the wider diffusion of geospatial technologies in DRR. I argue that there seem to be no crucial barriers as each identified issue has a potential corresponding solution. And while the actual availability of the specific tools/technologies is not considered a challenge, access to such technologies is.


Supervisor: Dr. Viktor Lagutov, Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at CEU

Internal Member: Dr. Ruben Mnatsakanian, Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at CEU

External Member: Dr. Masahiko Nagai, Yamaguchi University, Japan


Dr. Shirish Ravan, University of Central Lancashire, UK


Dr. Jozsef Laszlovszky, Department of Medieval Studies, CEU