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Interactive Documentary: A workshop and case study with Maryam Shah

Rock Carvings and Inscriptions in Chilas along the Karakoram Highway
Monday, October 24, 2022, 5:40 pm – 7:10 pm

In this presentation and hands-on workshop, recent CEU graduate Maryam Shah (Cultural Heritage Studies Program, Advanced Certificate in Visual Theory and Practice, 2022) will share her thesis on Rock Carvings and Inscriptions in Chilas along the Karakoram Highway, which takes the form of an interactive documentary, and discuss the process through which she created it. The project contains multiple audio/visual elements, including video, photography, audio recordings, graphics and text. Maryam, who had no previous experience working in Interactive Documentary, will discuss how she arrived at the decision to use that form, as well as the particular online platform she chose, Pageflow. She will then offer a hands-on demonstration of Pageflow, and interested participants can follow along on Media Lab computers, and gain a basic, working knowledge of the program.  

This workshop is highly recommended for students pursuing the Advanced Certificate in Visual Theory and Practice, and any other students wishing to incorporate audio/visual elements into their research. Participants are strongly encouraged to view Maryam’s project in advance at this link.  

The workshop will take place in the Mirabaud Media Lab, room C120, in the CEU Library’s Media Hub.  

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