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Community Gardening in Laaerberg

Social Event
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Sunday, November 6, 2022, 9:00 am – 1:30 pm

The Community Engagement Office and Sustainable CEU encourage you to join us on Sunday morning, November 6th for a day of work with team of community gardeners at the Laaerberg Community Garden in Favoriten. The team will be preparing their site for a fruit tree planting event which will take place in the coming week as part of the ObstStadt Wien (Fruit City Vienna) project. We will get to learn about how the community gardening space works and assist their volunteers with preparation of the site for tree planting and autumn maintenance in the garden. 

Practical Info: On Sunday November 6th, we will meet at 9am at CEU's main entrance and walk to the garden (25-30 minutes from CEU)
We will work from 10:00am - about 1:30 pm and have a small picnic afterwards. Please bring water and snacks you may need throughout the day, and dress weather appropriately. 
We will assist with preparing the soil for fruit tree planting, cleaning and clearing some of the garden area and turning compost. If you have gardening gloves, feel free to bring them.
You are welcome to invite family members to this event. 

More info on Laaerberg Garden:

Registration for this event is closed. Thank you for your understanding.