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How Does (Higher) Education Policy Benefit from the Work of Policy Consultants? Featuring CEU Alum Mantas Pupinis, Sponsored by the Higher Education Research Group

CEU Vienna Campus
Friday, January 13, 2023, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

This talk focuses on bridging research to policymaking, how policymakers perceive knowledge and research evidence, and how they use it. During this presentation, CEU alum Mantas Pupinis (IR ‘12) will share selected lessons and examples from his 10 years of experience while working as a policy consultant and researcher. He will offer some explanations as to why education policy makers choose to hire policy consultants to help them make decisions. Mantas will present concrete examples from his experience on how research has contributed to changes in education policies, to education programmes, or to policy discourse. 

Mantas Pupinis is a Partner and Research Director at PPMI. He has worked at PPMI for more than 10 years, which allowed him to travel the whole career path from joining as a researcher in 2012 to becoming a partner in 2021. Mantas is a proud CEU alumnus. He has received an MA degree in International Relations and European Studies in 2012. At PPMI, Mantas is leading large-scale EU-wide (and beyond) research and consulting projects, where the client is usually one of the Directorates-Generals of the European Commission or the national governments. Mantas mostly focuses on science, innovation and post-secondary education policies. 

Please contact HERG coordinator, Maryna Lakhno, or the Elkana Center for the Zoom link.