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Getting Started as a Teaching Assistant (followed by optional Classroom Technology Walk-Through)

Monday, January 16, 2023, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

The Yehuda Elkana Center for Teaching, Learning, and Higher Education Research invites CEU students serving as teaching assistants or technology assistants for the first time this term to join the workshop on Getting Started as a Teaching Assistant. This workshop provides an opportunity for new TAs to learn more about TAships, reflect on their own interests, and make plans for the semester. A rewarding TAship does not happen by chance, nor is it solely the responsibility of faculty. Rather, there are several, concrete things TAs can do, on their own and in partnership with faculty, to have a more fulfilling experience and to integrate their experience more closely with their own development as scholar-teachers. 

The hour-long workshop will be followed by a half-hour walk-through and demonstration of the technological equipment in CEU classrooms that TAs commonly use.  

In addition to this and other workshops offered by the Elkana Center, we encourage all doctoral students to enroll in Foundations of Teaching in Higher Education (YELC 6101/6103) no later than the first semester in which they TA. 

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