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The New “Commercial Approach to Anti-Corruption”

Max Burger-Scheidlin
Monday, February 20, 2023, 9:30 am – 11:30 am


  The new “Commercial Approach to Anti-Corruption”

  • Corruption – easy short-term profits – however mostly long-term losses – even for the corrupt bribe takes and bribe payers
  • Without corruption – mostly increase incomed and profits – for the presently corrupt – but also for society at large
  • Strongly reduced risks for the presently corrupt
  • Avoidance of poverty and hopelessness – therefore no fertile grounds for radicals of all shades (Syria, Boko Haram, Pakistan, Mali, etc.)
  • Reduction of migration, increased investments, new jobs, higher quality products, reduced pollution


  Content of presentation:

  • Corruption, reduces new investments, job creation, etc. and is often the root cause of poverty & hopelessness - a fertile ground for radicals of all shades
  • Since 2003 the “UN Convention of anti-Corruption” created a seemingly global legal level playing field – however, these rules are not implemented and executed in many countries
  • The new “Commercial Approach to anti-Corruption”  shows the presently corrupt individuals, that with corruption all can make more money – even the bribe givers and bribe takers



  Max Burger-Scheidlin is Executive Director of the International Chamber of Commerce in Austria.
He is a specialist in international dispute avoidance, dispute settlement, commercial crime prevention with emphasis on “the Commercial Approach to Anti-Corruption”