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PPMI Employer Presentation

Employer Event
PPMI Employer Presentation
Thursday, February 23, 2023, 12:45 pm – 1:30 pm

PPMI is a passionate group of around 100 researchers dedicated to helping public sector and civil society leaders improve public policies and provide the best value to society. Through its dedicated work of more than 20 years, PPMI has become a leading European research and policy analysis centre in the areas of education, research & innovation, labour market and social protection, social inclusion, communication, health care and public health, gender equality, public management and governance.

During this session you will learn more about:

  • What PPMI is and what it means to work at PPMI
  • What kind of skills and competences PPMI is looking for in the future employees
  • How you can start your career at PPMI


Mantas Pupinis (IR '12) is a Partner and Research Director at PPMI. He has worked at PPMI for more than 10 years, which allowed him to travel the whole career path from joining as a researcher in 2012 to becoming a partner in 2021. Mantas is a proud CEU alumnus. He has received an MA degree in International Relations and European Studies in 2012. At PPMI, Mantas is leading large-scale EU-wide (and beyond) research and consulting projects, where the client is usually one of the Directorates-Generals of the European Commission or national governments. Mantas mostly focuses on science, innovation and post-secondary education policies.

The roles presented during this event will include primarily opportunities for graduate students.

This event will be held on campus in Vienna with speakers connecting remotely. Please register in advance. You will have an opportunity to indicate if you are not able to attend in person so that we can send you details for joining remotely.