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Vogue Dance Workshop | Queer/Feminist ArT & TrAns-Formations Workshop Series

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Friday, March 31, 2023, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Ina Holub will introduce you to voguing, a very political dance style coming from the 1960s of New Yorks Black and Latinx trans and queer scene. Together we will work on the history as well as on posing and empowerment, through this specific form of moves. Ina specialized on category Body and Pop, Dip and Spin.

The workshop is explicitly designed for those who want to explore Vogue and addresses women*, queers and non-binary persons. The workshop intends to create a safe and intimate public space and is limited to 20 participants. Priority is given to those identifying as Black, Indigenous and People of Color, non-binary persons, queers and women* and marginalized people in society.

Ina Holub [she/her] is a fat and homosexual fat acceptance activist and is living in Vienna with her wife. On Instagram she bloggs about her experiences with discrimination, and queer body politics. She is part of the Viennese voguing scene and gives voguing courses specific

The workshop is part of the queer feminist and trans-cultural student-led event that presents an integrated performative and experimental workshop series on bodies, corpor(e)ality and empowerment. It takes place during international women’s history month, celebrated at Central European University (CEU) and will close a month full of feminist, critical, decolonial and subversive activities. The workshop series we offer aims to create a safe, intimate and queer feminist space. It wants to co-create a space for diverse sensations through art and craft possibilities for practicing and celebrating forms of non-normative embodied experiences and collective empowering ways of relating. Therefore, the workshop series is not exclusively focused on the question of queering gendered, heteronormative and hegemonic bodies, or celebrating rainbow-glitter aesthetics. It focuses more on the queer and feminist role of art to empower us in the necessary encounter of our own diverse embodied presence and corporality and through the re/appropriation of public space such as the University as intimate public space.

This event is part of the Art_Trans_Formations - A Workshop Series on non-hegemonic Corpor(e)ality & Empowerment.
This event is organized under queer feminist and anti-sexist ethics. We do not tolerate sexist, ableist, fatphobic, queer- and transphobic, racist, antisemitic, islamophobic, or any kind of discriminatory behaviors, nor misogynistic dogmas. We expect all the atendees to respect this consensus.

During the event, pictures and shorter videos will be taken. If you wish not to be record,ed please let the workshop facilitator and organizers know this initially.

If you wish to participate in the queer feminist Art_Trans_Formations Workshop Series please sign up until the 29th of March.