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Young Musicians Concert Series / Balkan Jukebox

Performers of Young Musicians Concert Series
Wednesday, April 5, 2023, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

The Young Musicians Concert Series is back celebrating the Mediterranean heritage and its intimate and emotional atmosphere with some rarely heard, unique pieces. 

The members of the BudaPesme duo, Veronika Varga and Benedek Réti, as lovers of Balkan music culture, have made it their main goal to learn the most beautiful traditional songs of this region as realistically as possible. BudaPesme, which brings to life the sometimes boisterous and passionate, sometimes reserved and melancholic music of the Balkans with its accordion-voice duo, performs Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian and Greek songs, mainly linked to the former café culture of the Balkans and the Mediterranean.

During the concert, members of ZeneMűvek, Hungary's first classical music edutainer initiative, conductor Marcell Dénes-Worowski and trumpet player Dénes Seidl will be in conversation with Veronika and Benedek.

The conversation will be held in Hungarian.

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