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Young Musicians Concert Series / LENORE

Lenore concert cover
Thursday, April 27, 2023, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

LENORE: Contemporary reflections on melodramas by Franz Liszt 

- a program of the Young Musicians Concert Series


Franz Liszt: Der traurige Mönch / The Sorrowful Monk (1860)

Franz Liszt: The Love of the Dead Poet (1874) 

Virág Anna Virág: Monologue of a Muse (2023)

Franz Liszt: Lenore (1857-58)
Abigél Varga: Lenore (2023)


Bálint Adorjáni - reciter
Éva Bodrogi - soprano
Anna Rákoczy - flute
Éva Osztrosits - violin
Boglárka Szűcs - viola
Tamás Zétényi   - cello
Anastasia Razvalyaeva - pedal and lever harp

The performance focuses on the seldom-heard melodramas of Franz Liszt, which will be presented in transcriptions made especially for this occasion by the harpist Anastasia Razvalyaeva featuring actor Bálint Adorjáni. Lenore, The Love of the Dead Poet and The Sorrowful Monk are among the most powerful dramatic compositions of Liszt. In these works, the composer sets the poems by Mór Jókai, Nikolaus Lenau and Gottfried August Bürger to haunting music covering a wide range of human emotions. The latter two poems were originally written in German, but will be performed in Hungarian translation at the concert. Two young contemporary Hungarian composers - Abigél Varga and Virág Anna Virág - were commissioned to write new works for this concert. Eventually, these pieces are rather reflections on the horroristic and mystical themes of 18th-19th century melodramas, than on the musical qualities of Liszt's works. Virág Anna Virág composed her piece to the lyrics of Kinga Fancsali, and Abigél Varga turned to the texts of Hungarian folk songs. The evening's vocal soloist, soprano Éva Bodrogi is accompanied by Anna Rákoczy (flute), Éva Osztrosits (violin), Boglárka Szűcs (viola), Tamás Zétényi (cello) and Anastasia Razvalyaeva (lever and pedal harp).


The concert is free of charge but registration is needed. Please sign up here.