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Political Islam: Two decades after the Arab Spring

Panel Discussion
Mnaili workshop
Tuesday, May 9, 2023, 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

The self-immolation of Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi in December 2010 triggered a wave of revolts and then hopes for political liberalisation in Arab countries. But the doors of democracy, barely open, have closed. Meanwhile, “Islamists” and Muslim Brotherhood-inspired movements emerged as key political players in their respective societies. In Tunisia and Morocco, they governed in coalition with other secular parties before being sacked.  In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood came to power through free elections only to be ousted by a military coup.

From a dissident force into a significant protagonist in executive governments to an outsider: How did we get here? What do Islamists want? How have they adapted to their marginalisation or repression?


  • Prof. Olivier Roy (EUI)
  • Prof. Stephane Lacroix (Sciences Po)
  • Dr Theo Blanc (EUI)
  • Chair: Dr Youssef Mnaili (CEU)


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Image credit: Miguel Montaner, The New York Times