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Research Seminars: 1st Year PhD Student Presentations

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Thursday, May 11, 2023, 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm

Our Faculty Research Seminars at the Department of Public Policy showcase the ongoing work of our current faculty and PhD Candidates.  Coffee and sweet treats are offered!

During this session, two PhD students will present their research:

  • Irene Tello Arista
  • Nadia Manzoni


Irene Tello Arista

Title: Using beneficiary ownership data for anti-corruption efforts: benefits, risks, and new approaches

Transparency open data portals have been created in many countries to increase the level of oversight by citizens and organizations. Nonetheless, there is still a lack of rigorous evidence-based research determining how open data works to reduce corruption and under what conditions. This is the case with beneficiary ownership registers. In this dissertation, I will discuss some ways in which beneficiary ownership data can be used to detect grand networks of corruption and the risks that involve having these open registers, like the adaptation of corruption networks to this information.


Nadia Manzoni

Title: EU's higher education policy and the European University Alliances: a case of renewed regional integration?

With the emergence of 44 different European University Alliances across all EU countries engulfing over 340 of the highest ranked European universities, we seem to be witnessing the introduction of a new political actor and a changing dynamic in the European higher education policy arena.  My interest lies in identifying those changes and examining the drivers of this process by employing a discursive institutionalist lens.