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Empowerment, Third space and Co-participation: A pedagogical path between theory and practice. A participatory and transformative action research in a neighbourhood of the city of Valencia (Spain)

"Las Ganchilleras Luchadoras"
Thursday, May 25, 2023, 3:40 pm – 5:20 pm

AbstractThis participatory and transformative research project Professor Donato conducted was a community-based socio-cultural innovation project designed in collaboration with people directly affected by situations of social conflict. Through individual and collective narratives and observing the action-reflection cycle, she was able to promote a process of social transformation through the formation of a space for interaction and cohesion between women from different cultures.  Social pedagogy provides the conceptual substrate for innovative strategies directing the practices to the formation of the active and socially committed subject to seek effective solutions to specific problems. The results obtained show that it is possible to promote a social transformation based on change at a personal level, regarding the perception of oneself and others, activating a multidimensional and dynamic process from the personal sphere to the community and vice versa. Finally participatory methodologies are valued as an effective measure to promote social mobilization and the co-production of knowledge.

Donatella Donato holds a doctorate in Education and is a professor in the Department of Didactics and the School Organization in the Faculty of Philosophy and Sciences of Education in the University of Valencia. Her main area of research is the study of cultural and organizational synergies between the territory and schools. In addition, he is a member of the CRIE- Research Group in Curriculum, Resources and Educational Institutions, the POLISOC-Politics Educational, Interculturality and Society, and the GRUPAL- Linguistic Support Group for the visibility of voices and cultures in higher education. She also a volunteer member of the Gitano Secretariat Foundation advocating for the integral promotion of the Roma community on the basis of social and cognitive justice, solidarity, and inter-culturalism.

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