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Young Musicians Concert Series / Music from Five Continents

picture with the artists
Thursday, May 25, 2023, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Erzsébet Seleljo – saxophone / szaxofon
Szabolcs Joó – percussion / ütőhangszerek

Akira Yuyama (1932): Divertimento (1968)
David Maslanka (1943-2017): Song Book (1998)
1. Song for Davy – The Old Year Is Past
2. Lost
Matthew Orlovich (1970): Whirled Music (2013)
David Maslanka (1943-2017): Song Book (1998)
3. Hymn Tune with Four Variations
4. Summer Song
Johan van der Linden (1961): Final Choice
Abdullah Ibrahim (1934): African Song

Several composers were inspired by the collaboration of the saxophone and percussion in the past decades, due to which this exciting formation disposes of a remarkable repertoire. This programme introduces a wide spectrum of possibilities of this duo, and introduces music from the five continents of the globe. Japanese composer Akira Yuyama’s Divertimento was the first ever piece to be written for saxophone and marimba, while the Australian Matthew Orlovich’s composition is barely ten years old. The American composer, David Maslanka’s Song Book has also quickly become an emblematic work for this formation, Maslanka’s passion for Bach-chorales is also present in this work, the melodies of the movements are derived from J. S. Bach’s 371 Four-Part Chorales. Johan van der Linden is a Dutch saxophonist and composer, who had contributed to the repertoire of this formation with a fine piece. In his work – similarly to Yuyama’s Divertimento – virtuoso and lyric passages follow each other. The final work of the programme, African Song, composed by the South-African born jazz-pianist Abdullah Ibrahim will be presented in the arrangement of the performers. 

The concert is free of charge but registration is needed: 

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