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Young Musicians Concert Series / An evening with Dominika Ács and Krisztián Oláh

Performers of Young Musicians Concert Series
Friday, June 2, 2023, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

One evening, two spectacular young artists at CEU!

The main direction of Dominika Ács and Krisztián Oláh's concert is to find the points of intersection that can be born from the collaboration of two open-minded artists. For this reason, in their repertoire, they go back to basic Western European classical works, which they reinterpret in their own arrangement. Alongside these pieces, they placed Ligeti's music and their own compositions as showcasing their expression. With this conception, they build a bridge between interpretation, compositions, and improvisation. They search for a modern, contemporary sound through the interplay of flute-piano-singing, and various percussion instruments, and an important role will be played by improvisation, as nowadays musicians have begun to re-explore this way of performing. In the visuals of the concert, they try to depict the world that reflects where classical and contemporary thinking can meet. During the concert, photographs by photographer Zsófia Takats will be displayed. Definitely worth seeing!

Bach: E-major sonata, 1-2 movement BWV 1016
Oláh Krisztián: ...and then a poppy blooms.
Ács Dominika: My Deer
Ligeti: Musica ricercata VI, VII, VIII - arranged by Krisztián Oláh
Liszt Ferenc - Oláh Krisztián - Resignazione (S.187a) - In memoriam
Oláh Krisztián: Pieceful
Ács Dominika: Little One
Bach: E-major sonata, 3-4 movement BWV 1016

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