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Young Musicians Concert Series / ZeneMűvek ft. Virág Anna Virág

Performers of Young Musicians Concert Series
Wednesday, June 14, 2023, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

What do we imagine a muse to be like? Do we see a glamorous and beautiful woman or a distant, almost unattainable girl? Do we have a classical environment or a physical gift in mind?
Just as in our thoughts, there are stereotypical representations in literature and music. These stereotypes are at the heart of this talk show concert.

Anna Virág Virág's chamber piece Monologue of a Muse provides the basis for the repertoire selected for the concert. Led by ZeneMűvek we will discuss with the composer what happens when no one has asked the muse if she wants to be a muse. What is the role of the muse today and what does the harp have to do with it all?

The composer is a prize-winner in the Chamber Orchestra category of the Palace of Arts Music Competition 2020.

Selections from Claudio Monteverdi to Arnold Schönberg
Anna Virág Virág - Monologue of a Muse

Éva Bodrogi - soprano
Razvalyayeva Anastasia - harp
Boglárka Szűcs - viola
Anna Rákóczy - flute
Anna Virág Virág - composer
Dénes-Worowski Marcell, Seidl Dénes - hosts

The concert is free of charge but registration is needed. Please register here: