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Discursive Dwellings: Tropes of Belonging in Pannonian Fiction

Petra Bakos
Friday, September 22, 2023, 2:00 pm

My research aimed at the exploration of the current state of Pannonian borderlands consciousness in order to understand the layers of emotions, ideas, perspectives, values and worldviews of those living in a ‘corridor’, a ‘no man’s land’, on the ‘losing side’ of the frontier. As much as state borders bydesign are meant to represent obstacles, the borderlands are spaces where thinking in terms of multiple affiliations and multilateral possibilities comes naturally to many if not most. While the conceptualization of EU border regimes tends to remain entrapped in the colonial fiction of a militantly clear-cut inside and outside, engaging with borderlands consciousness allowed access to alternative perceptions of bordering processes. Furthermore, the uncompromising complexity that ispart and parcel of borderlands consciousness posits challenges to ingrained binary-based conceptual differentiations concerning our bodies, our humanness, and our sense of belonging. In other words, the examination of the borderlands represents a timely contribution to a comprehensive and decolonial reconsideration of solidarity.

Defense committee
Supervisors: Jasmina Lukic, Elissa Helms, CEU
External examiner: Sarah Green, University of Helsinki
Internal examiner: Eszter Timár, CEU
External reader: Agnes Györke, Károli Gáspár University's Institute of English Studies
Chair: Tamara Steger, CEU