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History Department Research Seminar: Hegel's Political Thought and Its Misappropriation

Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 5:40 pm – 7:30 pm

The Department of History  is pleased to invite you to its Departmental Research Seminar 

with Richard Bourke on 

Hegel's Political Thought and Its Misappropriation 

Abstract: Hegel was one of the leading political philosophers of the nineteenth century. Yet his currency has declined since the second world war. This was brought about by a series of influential misinterpretations of his work made popular by Heidegger, Adorno and Popper. As a result, Hegel is today associated with a teleological vision of history and authoritarian principles in politics. Outlining the argument of my new book, Hegel’s World Revolutions, this talk will chart the misappropriation of Hegel and correct misapprehensions about his thought.

Bio: Richard Bourke is Professor of the History of Political Thought and a Fellow at King’s College, University of Cambridge. He is the author of, among other works, Empire and Revolution: The Political Life of Edmund Burke (Princeton, 2015) and Hegel’s World Revolutions (Princeton, 2023).


The Zoom link will be sent upon request, please contact Margaretha Boockmann: