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We, together - the Social Ontology of Us

Tuesday, November 14, 2023, 3:40 pm – 5:20 pm

This colloquium talk is planned as an in-person event. Registration is only required for non-CEU members. 


This talk presents some of the core ideas in the recently published book by the same title (OUP, 2023). The book suggests to understand the “social world(s)” - the social statuses, roles, norms, structures, institutions, and artifacts as ways in which we live together. It is argued that even though it rarely feels that way, our living together is a joint activity. As such, it crucially revolves around joint intentional actions. Joint intentional actions involve - as most philosophers seem to agree –, shared intentions. The controversy starts over the question of what exactly it is that is shared about shared intention. In this talk, I propose a map of the landscape of possible positions, and I list the problems that each of them faces. I conclude with a perspective on what I think is the right account, and on why it might be better suited to accommodate recent criticism than the received shared intention-based approaches to social ontology.


Photo credits: Joseph Krpelan


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