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Surreal Memories: Remembrance Project - A Biofeedback-Driven Game Art Journey into the World of Memory Loss and Artificial Intelligence

Photo courtesy of Chanee Choi (Chanhee Choi)
Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

The Remembrance Project is a biofeedback-driven performance art piece that delves into the profound emotional landscape of confronting early-onset Alzheimer's, a condition intimately affecting the artist through her family lineage. Blending the technological sophistication of machine learning and EEG sensor data, the project crafts a live narrative steered by brainwave activity, erasing the boundaries between the observer and the participant, as well as between the real and the virtual worlds. In this performance art piece, the artist takes on dual roles as both the creative force and the participant. Utilizing EEG input as both a technological medium and a metaphor for memory's transience, the artist confronts her underlying fears of inheriting Alzheimer's, a condition that has impacted her family. Categorizing brainwaves into 'concentrated' and 'not concentrated' states adds urgency; maintaining focus allows the narrative to unfold, offering a visceral confrontation with the complexities of Alzheimer's. Lapses in concentration lead to symbolic disintegration, vividly representing the disease's impact on memory. By facing her fears in an immersive setting, the artist delves into Alzheimer's nuances, liberating herself from her family's medical history. Remembrance asks, what do we become when this happens?

Photo courtesy of Chanee Choi (Chanhee Choi)