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Balsa Lubarda: Far-Right Ecologism. Environmental Politics and the Far-Right in Hungary and Poland - Book launch

Book Launch
Balša Lubarda
Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 10:50 am – 12:30 pm

Book launch and webinar with the author

Room: QS C-323

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Book Far-Right Ecologism

Behind the façade of vote-winning strategies, the far right has provided a substantive ideological engagement with the natural environment. Building on the nationalist bent of early green thought and the perceived nexus of pristine nature and cultural purity, Far-Right Ecologism has ideologically adopted the green elements of other ideologies, such as conservatism and fascism, but also of those considered to be "thin-centred", such as nationalism and populism. Through an authentic experience of learning from the Eastern European, post-socialist realms, this book explores the ideology, ecological discourse and policy proposals behind the increasing impact of far-right actors on environmental politics in Hungary and Poland. Each chapter begins with stories from the interviewees to illustrate how the far right in Hungary and Poland attempts to permeate environmental politics and even forge partnerships with green actors through specific, local-based policy contributions. Drawing on the findings from a range of sources, such as electoral programs, ideological texts and manifestos, social media and public speeches, policy proposals and more than 40 in-depth interviews with far-right representatives, this book also assesses epistemological and methodological challenges in examining the environmental dimension of far-right, post-socialist politics.

Balša Lubarda's first book; Far-Right Ecologism. Environmental Politics and the Far-Right in Hungary and Poland (Routledge, 2023) is based on the doctoral research he conducted at Central European University (2017-2021) and is available in the CEU library.

Balša Lubarda is presently Head of Research at the DAMAR Research Institute in Montenegro. He was previously the Head of Ideology Research Unit at the Far-Right Analysis Network (formerly Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right) and Visiting Lecturer (Fulbright) at the University of California, Berkeley (US) after his 2021 Summa Cum Laude graduation from CEU.

His scholarly articles were published by Nature Climate Change, Environmental Politics, Environmental Values, Environmental Education, Sociologia Ruralis, Journal of Language and Politics and many others. He also provided commentary on the issues related to climate change, political ecology, energy and agricultural politics, radicalism and political ideologies for the media outlets such as The New York Times, BBC Radio, Politico, Euronews, OpenDemocracy, Fair Observer etc. He is the recipient of many awards and scholarships, such as the Chevening, Fulbright, Ivo Vizin and Konrad Adenauer Scholarship, Montenegrin Academy of Science award and CEU Advanced Doctoral Student Award.

Recent works: 

Lubarda, B. (2023). Far-Right Ecologism: Environmental Politics and the Far Right in Hungary and Poland. London: Routledge

Lubarda, B., and Caiani, M. (2023). Conditional environmentalism of right-wing populism in power: ideology and/or opportunities? Environmental Politics

Forchtner, B., and Lubarda, B. (2023). Scepticisms and beyond? A comprehensive portrait of climate change communication by the far right in the European Parliament, Environmental Politics, 32(1): 43-68

Lubarda, B. and Forchtner, B. (2022). Far-Right Far Right and Environment: Past-Present-Future. in Bruno, V. Populism and Far Right: Trends in Europe. Milano: EduCATT, pp. 85-113 


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The author will be present and introducing his book on the Budapest campus of CEU on November 13 at 2 pm CET. Please see the event details here.