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ECBS Public Lecture: Women in the Workforce: Claudia Goldin's Nobel Prize Contributions

ECBS Public Lecture: A. Weber
Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm


This year Claudia Goldin won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for advancing the world’s understanding of women’s progress in the work force. In this lecture Andrea Weber will give an easily accessible introduction to Claudia Goldin's work. She will analyze the innovative power of her insights into the causes of the gender wage gap, the evolution of women’s participation in the job market over the past 200 years, and the implications for the future of the labor force. She will also explain how Claudia Goldin's insights are still a source of inspiration to many women in economics.

About the speaker:

Andrea Weber is professor of economics at Central European University, Vienna. She is renowned for her work in labor economics and is the author of numerous highly cited articles in top journals. Professor Weber currently serves as the co-editor of the Journal of the European Economic Association and frequently contributes to policy debates in Austria.