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Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations team serves the university’s more than 16,000 graduates living and making history around the world. Our mission: to engage alumni in a lifelong, mutually-beneficial relationship with the university and its ever-growing global alumni network.

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Rebekka Pöschl, Recruiter, Chloe Chan, Associate, Giuseppe Sofo, Fintech Client Advisor, Nurzhan Onashabay (ECBS '21), Fintech Analyst, Milana Mukiyeva (ECBS '20), Senior Banking Innovation Analyst
Vienna Campus | Quellenstrasse 51 | D-318
Nena Grceva
Off-campus | 50-та Дивизија 22, Skopje 1000, North Macedonia
Off-campus | Budapest, Margaret Island Musical Fountain, 1138 Hungary