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Finding Jobs in Data and IT Related Fields

Finding jobs in data and IT related fields
Saturday, July 11, 2020, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Jobs in data and IT–related fields: how to decide and prepare for your career

Are you considering data science or the software industry as the ideal place for your professional career? Are you still at the beginning of your career and yet haven’t decided how to approach the market? Join our Zoom webinar dedicated to finding jobs in data and IT-related fields.

Dr. Tamer Khraisha will introduce you to the main ideas and challenges and the management of expectations when applying for a job. In our webinar, you will learn about different roles and career tracks in the data and software market, the skills required for each area, and the best ways to master a skill. You will also learn how to write your CV, boost your image online, interview steps, and questions.

Tamer Khraisha is based in Budapest, and he is working as a software and data developer at Alphacruncher. He holds a Ph.D. in network science from Central European University and has a background in finance and economics. Tamer has a professional and theoretical interest in data science, software technologies, and the implementation of best practices in science and industry.

Register to our webinar now, the link to a Zoom meeting will be sent on Friday, July 10.