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Vienna Campus

Global Politics and Practice Research Group

Global Politics and Practice (GPP) research group is a platform of learning and reflection for students, faculty, and researchers interested in critical perspectives on world politics. We aim to explore interactions and intersections between theory, practice and modes of study that also engage the ethics of research and the positionality of the researcher. GPP focuses on and seeks to inspire research practices that transcend disciplinary boundaries and open space up of for innovative, creative, and caring knowledge practices that directly engage the everyday and the multiplicity of life worlds, including the contemporary structures of higher education.

Halvard Leira, Benjamin de Carvalho
Vienna Campus | Quellenstrasse 51 | QS C419
Dagmar Vorlíček
Vienna Campus | Quellenstrasse 51 | QS C 322
Professor Emerita Shelley Sacks
Prof. Iver B. Neumann
Vienna Campus | Quellenstrasse 51 | Auditorium
Julian Schmid
Vienna Campus | Quellenstrasse 51 | A-215