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CEU Building

Department of Economics and Business

The Department of Economics and Business is dynamic and expanding, well established as a leading department in the region, with faculty members from top American and European universities. The department offers innovative, mission-relevant and research-led business, economics, finance, and management education in its MA (in Economics, Economic Policy and Global Economic Relations), MSc (in Business Analytics, Finance and Technology Management) and PhD programs (in Economics and Business Administration). 

Gyula Lencsés | BrokerChooser | CFA, Broker Expert, Réka Hidas | BrokerChooser | Broker Analyst Intern
Budapest Campus | Nador u. 13 | 416
Off-campus | Budapest, Váci út 80, 1133 Hungary
András Lontay - International Client Manager
Budapest Campus | Nador u. 15 | 101 - Quantum