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CEU Building

Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy

The Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at the Central European University is an international center of excellence in environmental and sustainability research and teaching with a focus on interdisciplinary and critical scholarship in energy transitions and climate change; environmental and resource governance; environmental justice, politics and humanities; resource management and pollution control; and sustainable management of socio-ecological systems. 

Jana Kovandzic Pataky (ENVS '11), Senior ESG Program Manager , Germain Laigle (INTR '16), Senior Policy Analyst, Diksha Mahara (ECBS '18), Development Consultant , Stefania Romano (SPP '09), Global Coordinator
Vienna Campus | Quellenstrasse 51 | B-505
László Pintér
Vienna Campus | Quellenstrasse 51 | Auditorium
Sara Pruckner
Vienna Campus | Quellenstrasse 51
Natalie Dobson, Arild Moe, Michael LaBelle
Vienna Campus | Quellenstrasse 51 | room D105
Steffen Bettin
Vienna Campus | Quellenstrasse 51 | A102