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CEU Building

Department of Political Science

As a community of students, faculty and staff, the Department of Political Science is committed to academic freedom, equal access to education and collegial self-governance. Our ultimate aim is to enable our diverse student body to become successful and influential professionals in the future social, political and academic life of their home countries.

Esma Baycan-Herzog, Melina Duarte, Andreas Føllesdal, Gina Gustavsson, Nils Holtug, Kaja Jenssem Rathe, Zsolt Kapelner, Patti Lenard, Zoltan Miklosi, Serena Parekh, Kerstin Reibold, Sara Toffanin, Annamari Vitikainen
Budapest Site | Nador u. 15 | Auditorium B
Nancy Fraser, Dorothee Bohle, Sabine Frerichs, Béla Greskovits, Marguerite Mendell, Frank Nullmeier, Carsten Q. Schneider