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CEU Building

Department of Political Science

As a community of students, faculty and staff, the Department of Political Science is committed to academic freedom, equal access to education and collegial self-governance. Our ultimate aim is to enable our diverse student body to become successful and influential professionals in the future social, political and academic life of their home countries.

Ayşe Buğra, Violetta Zentai, Theo Papadopoulos, Volkan Yılmaz, Qiong (Miranda) Wu, Anil Duman, Carsten Q. Schneider
Esma Baycan-Herzog, Melina Duarte, Andreas Føllesdal, Gina Gustavsson, Nils Holtug, Kaja Jenssem Rathe, Zsolt Kapelner, Patti Lenard, Zoltan Miklosi, Serena Parekh, Kerstin Reibold, Sara Toffanin, Annamari Vitikainen
Budapest Site | Nador u. 15 | Auditorium B
Nancy Fraser, Dorothee Bohle, Sabine Frerichs, Béla Greskovits, Marguerite Mendell, Frank Nullmeier, Carsten Q. Schneider
Davis Brown
Budapest Site | Nador u. 9, Monument Building | 203