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Department of Philosophy

The CEU Department of Philosophy offers Master's and Doctoral level education up to the standards of the best international institutions, and its programs are accredited in the United States as well as in Hungary. The Department uniquely combines analytic and historical approaches to philosophy, a feature which allows for a fruitful dialogue between contemporary philosophy and its history.

Tim Crane (CEU), Katalin Farkas (CEU), Benedikt Paul Göcke (University of Oxford), Hedda Hassel Mørch (New York University), Martine Nida-Ruemelin ( University of Fribourg ), David Pitt (California State University), Howard Robinson (CEU), Richard Swinburne (University of Oxford) , János Tőzsér (HAS) - TBC, Balázs Mezei (Pázmány Péter Catholic University) - TBC
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