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Institute for Advanced Study

Promoting the free and independent pursuit of scholarly research in the context of an interdisciplinary intellectual community is the main mission of Institute for Advanced Study CEU (IAS CEU).

Budapest Site | Oktober 6 u. 7 | October Hall
Prof. Dr. Violetta Zentai, Dr. Stefan Bargheer , Prof. Dr. Kinga Goncz, Dr. Matthias Duller, Prof. Dr. Matthias Möschel, Prof. Dr. Luca Váradi, Dr. Amalie Frese, Dr. Armen Mazmanyan
Budapest Site | Nador u. 9, Monument Building
Prof. Dr. Christian Fleck, Dr. Matthias Duller, Prof. Victor Karády, PhD Candidate Adela Hîncu , Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Fabiani, Prof. Dr. Miklós Hadas
Off-campus | Nádor utca 15, 1051 Budapest HU, Hungary
Budapest Site | Nador u. 15